ΗT@ʐ^Sigehiro Hagiwara profile 

1929 Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido.

That, from the management consultant times, only one company does not improve, and the area whole does not improve,
I participate in the making of Ooita "one-village, one-speciality economic movement", hometown of Ikeda-cho, Hokkaido "Tokahi wine".
The others, metropolice and districts local government do community development / sightseeing development equal to or more than about 500 places.
It is estimated as the number, being the best in Japan.

It is the making of hometown, a Japanese pioneer as a management consultant.

I begin it from the making of person for the making of hometown,
I preside over a copybook [Nihon Furusatojuku] in "Soukasonjuku" private supplementary school of the present age.

A domestic airplane service About an average of 150 services use frequency year
A number shows the activity situation.

To the Japanese junior chamber of commerce popularity lecturer best ten,
And I can leave ranking annually do lecture activity to a, junior high school / a senior high school as social education (antiquity and education) flourishingly.

1968 Soichi Oya mass communication private supplementary school honor prize receiving a prize.

1986 Hasunuma social education encouragement prize receiving a prize.

It is carried as "The Fundamentals of Hometown Revitalization" in 1993 by Japanese government overseas public information magazine "Pacific Friend" November issue.

A book
"A hand-made hometown"
"Japanese and the making of hometown"
"The fourth education"
"Each other's power I wait making of"
"Do you like antiquity?"
I do not "go for power"

Translation is soft, and this page is made.
I want you to teach it darkly if you found a mistake.